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Rare Rising Stars 2022


Rare Rising Stars allows us to recognise and celebrate extraordinary candidates. Each year, we showcase the achievements of the best Black students in the UK. Since the development of our Contextual Recruitment System, we have been fortunate enough to be able to shine a light on all over-achievers by setting each candidate's achievements in context. We are delighted to now be recognising the achievements of more candidates, on a wider scale.

We are privileged to encounter incredibly high achievers on a day-to-day basis and work with clients who really care about changing the face of their sectors. We are also fortunate to work with ambitious students at the beginning of their journey into university and the world of work.

In this fourteenth and final year of Rare Rising Stars, we are excited to once again share the stories of ambitious, resilient and passionate young Black students from across the UK. We hope that this celebration of excellence will continue to inspire future generations of young Black students to contribute to their communities and pursue their dreams.

The full Rare Rising Stars 2022 publication can be downloaded here. Please have a read through to find out more about our Stars this year.


Rare Rising Stars 2022 (pdf)