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Valued. Fulfilled. Family. Fun. Friends. Inspired. Energised. Expectant. Excited. Proud. Contented. Eager. Happy.

I asked people how they feel about working here. That’s what they said. Now let me tell you why.

We’re changing the world.


We’re changing who companies hire and how they hire them. We’re helping people to be better and we’re helping organisations to be smarter, to look not just at someone’s achievements, but to look at the context in which those achievements occurred. We’re helping businesses, and governments, and as many professions as we can, to look more like the communities and the countries that they serve.

And now we need your help.

When we started, we were tiny. There was one bloke, in the corner of someone else’s office, with an idea, a telephone, and some tenacity. Now there are nearly fifty of us, and we are the best in the world at what we do. We want you to come and make us even better.


How can I help?

By working with our candidates: some of the brightest young people in the country. You’ll get to meet them and get to know them. You’ll work out how to help them to achieve their dreams, and you’ll be instrumental in giving them the help that they need to do so. You’ll work with them on their application forms, their interviews and their assessment centres for our clients. You’ll build real relationships with them. And you’ll receive world-class training from people who have done this at an elite level for more than a decade. Between the experience and the training, you’ll become absolutely superb at doing this work.

Our candidates are just one part of the equation though—you’ll also gain plenty of exposure to our clients. These are some of the best organisations in the world, and you’ll be instrumental in helping them to find talented people to come and work for them. The experience that you get from working at Rare means accelerated learning and development. You’ll learn a lot, you’ll get pushed hard, and you’ll have a lot of fun.

Most of all, you’ll be making a difference for the better. If you join Rare you will go to sleep at night with a full heart, and you will wake up each morning and actually feel excited about coming in to work.

We can’t wait to meet you.

Suitable Experience

  • A university degree of any class in any subject.
  • Work experience of almost any kind is valuable, especially if it involves customer or client-facing work.
  • Experience of mentoring, tutoring or volunteering.

Person Specification

You will:
  • Understand Rare’s social purpose and share our values.
  • Be keen to learn – you will need to understand how our business works, what our clients do, and who they want to hire.
  • Be flexible – the needs of the business change rapidly.
  • Be skilled at building relationships with candidates, clients, and other members of staff.
  • Be highly conscientious and have high personal standards of integrity and organisation.
  • Be commercial and focused on delivering results.
  • Be tough and resilient.
  • Be comfortable talking to people of different genders, ethnic and social backgrounds.
  • Take feedback well.

About the role

We are based in Clerkenwell. There are lots of marvellous eateries and places to go for a walk and interesting arty things happening. It’s a great area. Our office isn’t bad too – there is always fresh fruit, and other food treats from people who have been hired and chosen to thank us through the universal language of chocolate.


We’d like you to start on 1st July 2017, and to work on a permanent basis, Monday to Friday, 9.00-17.30
The salary is £22,500 pro rata, and interviews will take place by the end of January 2017.

To apply, please send your CV and a one page cover letter outlining why you want to join Rare, why you want to do the job, and why you think you would be good at it.

Please include your availability too.

Send your CV and cover letter to daniel.mokades@rarerecruitment.co.uk.


The Rare Graduate Programme

The Rare Graduate Programme (RGP)

The Rare Graduate Programme (RGP) is a new graduate programme that gives a graduate of exceptional calibre the opportunity to join Rare. The successful candidate will be given high-level exposure and responsibility, will work closely with candidates and clients, and will have the opportunity to work in a cutting-edge business that is changing the face of the UK’s most prestigious employers.

What you get

  • Real responsibility and exposure right at the start of your career
  • Quick progression for truly exceptional candidates - two people who joined Rare as new graduates are now Directors, and the most exceptional new graduate joining today can expect to do this within eight years
  • To work for something you believe in
  • A professional but informal atmosphere - as one of our team puts it, ‘I can wear jeans to the office’
  • One-on-one, on the job training from experts – we guarantee that after a year you will be able to write better, to speak better, and to manage people and projects better, thanks to bespoke training in writing, speaking, maths and excel, managing people, financials, and business strategy
  • A skillset that makes you highly employable elsewhere after 1-3 years, should you, or we, decide that you and Rare are not a long-term fit
  • The potential to take substantial time off to travel or study, should you wish
  • A salary of £22,500, a sign-on bonus of £1,500, pension scheme, and inclusion in Rare’s annual bonus scheme

Candidate specification

The successful candidate will:
  • Have excellent academic qualifications
  • Have a proven track record of innovation and leadership
  • Have a deep, driving commitment to Rare’s goals and values
  • Be highly effective at accomplishing goals under pressure
  • Be able to build relationships with people from a variety of backgrounds
  • Have the highest possible standards of integrity and reliability
  • Have excellent written and spoken communication skills
  • Have the right to work in the UK without a visa

Job description

The exact job the successful candidate will be asked to do will depend on his or her skills and attributes. We expect the candidate, in the first year, to do some of the following:
  • Carry out university visits
  • Source candidates
  • Manage events
  • Manage candidate relationships – to include initial meetings, regular catch-up calls, and ad hoc advice
  • Work with candidates on coaching and development, including application support
  • Work with clients on their recruitment strategies and insight events

Longer term

After the first year, successful graduates will come off the graduate programme and will go into a new job. There is no template and we will work with you to create the job that is right for you. Past new graduates at Rare have gone on to:
  • Work on growing our client base and pitching for new business
  • Write research reports
  • Manage clients and, in time, sectors
  • Launch new initiatives like Target Oxbridge
  • Work on our financial strategy and planning
  • Go on secondments to clients

There is no template: each person is different.

To apply

Please send an up-to-date CV and a 300-word piece outlining why you would like to work for Rare to rgp@rarerecruitment.co.uk by 30th November 2015.

Recruitment timetable

We will review applications and contact successful candidates by December, when candidates will be invited to interview. Please be aware that there will be a short turnaround time between the closing date and being called to interview.

The successful candidate will start work in July 2016.


The Rare Graduate Programme

We are always looking for the very best people to join us. If you want to work for Rare, and are not applying for the Rare Graduate Programme or the Winter Internship, please contact Caitlyn Cain in the first instance.

The Rare Graduate Programme

Doyin Sokan

Doyin Sokan joined Rare on our graduate scheme in 2010. Over the course of four and a half years she managed hundreds of prestigious events and built relationships with over a thousand students. In October 2014 she moved to First Protocol. She is currently based in the FP events team at Rare client Goldman Sachs.

Sengova Kailondo

Sengova Kailondo completed a winter internship at Rare in 2013 and is now a lawyer at Hogan Lovells.

Leonie Campbell-King

Leonie Campbell-King completed a winter internship with Rare in 2013. She then returned to Rare in 2014 to assist in running the Pathways Plus programme for the Sutton Trust and to assist in our research work. She starts her training contract with Clifford Chance in January 2015.

Naomi Kellman

Naomi worked as the Research and Programme Coordinator at Rare from October 2011 to September 2012. She graduated in 2011 with a First class degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Oxford University and secured a place on the Civil Service Fast Stream with Rare’s help.


Yewande Sokan
I spent 10 weeks - during the summer of my second year - as the marketing intern at Rare. Previous to Rare, I had completed three other internships in marketing and PR. None came even close to teaching me what I learned at Rare. My title was Marketing Executive, and yes, I took care of all things to do with marketing.  But looking back, it was also a management role. I proposed my ideas, eventually got the go ahead, managed my time, my budgets, organised and liaised with all the parties involved and executed the plan. Some of the tasks I set out to do, I knew nothing about. However, I had the support of the Rare team. They always told me if something wasn't good enough or if I needed to do better - they also told me when I'd done a great job. You don't get that kind of honesty and support in many work environments. The great thing was if I pulled it off, I got all the credit. The flip side was if something went wrong, it was my project and there's no one to hide behind at Rare. If you're willing to listen and to be taught from a team that accept only the highest standards, this could be a great place for you to intern.

I've now started my full time job as a Fellow on the WPP Fellowship. Though it comes with its own challenges, working at Rare thoroughly prepared me and I'm grateful for the opportunities and responsibilities I was given there. Rare taught me that work is what you make it.  It's how you treat and engage with the people around you.

Yewande Sokan studied Economics at the LSE. She did a summer internship at Rare in 2007 and continued to work part time during her final year at university. She graduated with a 2.1 in 2008 and then worked for Rare again until July 2009. Yewande left to join WPP’s prestigious Fellowship programme.

Esther Odida
The beauty of being an intern at Rare is that even the smallest of your contributions is noticed. Everything you do counts, so if you think you’re letting yourself in for a few weeks of well-paid boredom then think again. I promise you this: not a minute will go by during your time as a Rare intern when you are not challenged, inspired, entertained or all three. This internship is unlike any other out there and not only would I recommend it in an instant, I’d gladly do it again in a fraction of that time.

Esther Odida worked at Rare during the vacations and between her undergraduate and postgraduate degrees for three years from the summer of 2009. Esther edited Rare Rising Stars in 2010, 2011 and 2012. She now works at Board Intelligence.
Esther holds a First class undergraduate degree and an MPhil from Cambridge University.



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