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Sutton Trust

Founded in 1997 by Sir Peter Lampl, the Sutton Trust is both a think-tank and a ‘do-tank’. The Trust identifies and pilots programmes to help non-privileged children, undertakes independent and robust evaluations, and scales up successful programmes, often on a national scale. It’s most significant achievement and source of leverage is its impact on Government education policy and education spending. Its approach is called strategic philanthropy.

The Trust and its partners have invested over £40 million in this work. But there is much more to do. If anything, the challenge of low social mobility has got even tougher for today’s children. That is a concern not only for them and their families but for the future economic health of this country.

The Sutton Trust has funded and evaluated programmes that have helped hundreds of thousands of young people of all ages from low and middle income homes. It has published over 135 research studies that have had a profound impact on national education policy. Its work is highly influential among leading politicians and opinion formers, and attracts prominent coverage in the national news media.

For more about the Sutton Trust, click here.

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