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Words from Sophie Chandaukar

Sophie Chandauka

I have had the privilege of serving as a member of the judging panel for Rare Rising Stars since 2018, having read each publication since the campaign was launched.

We have become accustomed to Rare Rising Stars shining a bright light on Black students who are extraordinarily gifted high-achievers by any measure of excellence.

The Rare Rising Stars of 2020 are breathtaking! They can be distinguished from previous cohorts I’ve seen in that, collectively, they demonstrate confidence in pursuing business ventures that deliver commercial value and, in most instances, meaningful social impact at the same time. They are remarkably ambitious, creative and commercially savvy.

The Rare Rising Stars of 2020 not only demonstrate entrepreneurial flair, they leverage technology as their game changer, connecting beyond borders for strategic reasons and growth opportunities. They are particularly empowered, mature and resourceful. They are global in their outlook and ambition.

Recent global tragedies have provided a stark reminder that racial and ethnic inequalities are still rife in all spheres of life. I read the biographies of these Black stars and I felt #power! I sign-off feeling inspired and deep in thought and hopeful that this group will be able to find their way in this nightmare we all found ourselves in.


The Rare Rising Stars of 2020 are my ancestors’ wildest dreams come true.

The Rare Rising Stars of 2020 will be power the change we yearn to see.


With very best wishes,


Sophie Chandauka