RARE  RISINGSTARS - The UK’s Top 10 Black Students
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Words from Our Sponsors

University of Cambridge
“One of the most powerful ways of encouraging students to fulfil their potential is to show them the extraordinary things that others like them have achieved. Rare’s Rising Stars is not just a celebration of talented individuals, it is a call to action for the next generation of students to challenge themselves and succeed. The University of Cambridge is delighted to be a sponsor and wishes this year’s Rising Stars the very best as they pursue their ambitions.”

Jon Beard, Director, Cambridge Admissions Office
University of Oxford
“This year’s Rising Stars have truly excelled; we are delighted to see these talents and their stories being celebrated. The University of Oxford is thrilled to work with programmes such as Rare Recruitment’s Rising Stars and continues to support the recognition and nurturing of Black students throughout the UK. Congratulations to this year’s Rising Stars; you are a powerful source of inspiration, and I wish you all the very best in the future.”

Dr Samina Khan, Director of Undergraduate Admissions and Outreach