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Final Thoughts from Raph Mokades

Raphael Mokades

These stories reflect the strength and resolve of each Star. But Rare Rising Stars is about more than showcasing black excellence, or precisely, ten excellent black people. It transcends social and political difference and honours the souls of remarkable people who strive to be the best versions of themselves. And it inspires everyone who learns of our Stars’ stories.

The 10th anniversary of Rare Rising Stars marks ten years of celebrating the achievements of our young black leaders. For ten years, we have attacked negative stereotypes by highlighting the triumphs of each Star. This year, Andrew’s story represents the way socio-economic uncertainty and conflict can be overcome by tenacity, persistence and perseverance. His success is a testament to his work ethic, and his humility is breathtaking.

The Stars’ achievements make young black people aim higher and dream bigger. A person’s future should not be determined by their ethnic or socio-economic background. If you have the drive and hunger to get to the top, then who’s to say that you can’t? As these Stars have shown, providing that you are willing to work hard, there are routes to amounting to whatever version of success that you are destined for. And these Stars don’t let glass ceilings stop them. The barriers exist all right, but these remarkable people show that it’s possible to smash through them.

Rare Rising Stars couldn’t take place without the financial support of our sponsors. We are very grateful to Oxford and Cambridge Universities, and to GCHQ, Latham & Watkins and Thomson Reuters. Sincere thanks also to our wonderful judges, Sophie Chandauka, Trevor Phillips and Jean Tomlin.

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Raphael Mokades
Managing Director