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No. 9


Mauria Fransishku

MSc EU Politics and Government
London School of Economics
Business, Charity and Academics


Spanning four countries, five cities and experiences ranging from acting in Hollywood to addressing immigration in Moscow, Mauria’s story is a tale of adventure.

Mauria, who is half Russian and half Afro-Brazilian, was born and grew up in Russia until the age of thirteen. She then moved to Sweden, with her mother and Armenian stepfather in 2001, where she completed her secondary school studies. Although Mauria studied Law and Business Economy at college, she knew she was a creative at heart. Throughout school, Mauria wrote songs, poems and even competed on the Swedish national team in a Hip Hop competition.

Upon turning eighteen, Mauria decided to pursue her teenage dream of becoming an artist and moved to the United States. She spent nearly three and a half years studying at elite institutions for the creative arts, taking classes in dancing, acting and music. During this time Mauria lived in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York, seizing artistic opportunities in each cultural centre.

“My teenage dream was to become an artist. Through I AM LDN, my creativity has continued to thrive.”
Mauria decided to move to the UK six years ago to pursue her undergraduate degree. She studied European Studies with International Relations and Management at Regent’s College, Webster University, returning to her academic interests in politics and business. During her time at Regent’s College, Mauria represented the university at a Model United Nations delegation in New York. As Head Delegate, Mauria led her team to win two Best Position Papers, prestigious awards that her university had not won in a number of years. She also represented Regent’s College at the Kaplan International Public Speaking Competition in Cambodia and won a Bronze Award. Mauria continued to develop her understanding of international politics through work experience. During summer holidays and following graduation, Mauria worked in the immigration department of the British Embassy in Moscow. She then spent over a year and a half at the United Nations’ International Maritime Organisation.

However, Mauria soon became frustrated with the decision making process in these organisations. In an age of increasing nationalism, ethnic and religious hatred and growing inequality, Mauria felt that these bureaucracies struggled to address the challenges at hand. Determined to make a tangible impact in the lives of others, Mauria began to develop ideas of how she could help.

“I believe that happier people care more for their peers, strangers and the community. More young people should be encouraged to pursue jobs that ‘feed their soul’.”

Mauria’s interest in business and the arts led her to found I AM LDN, a social enterprise aimed at empowering young people to make a positive impact in society by following their dreams. The business achieves this through two projects. #CEOSUPPERCLUB is a members’ club for socially responsible leaders, and, THE TRIBE is an initiative that fosters the creative talents of young people. Mauria has made a substantial impact through I AM LDN despite its short lifespan. Since launching last year, Mauria has provided work placements for 40 young people aged between 18-30. I AM LDN has raised £10,000 of revenue which has been reinvested back into the business. Mauria has also partnered with UpRising, a leading youth charity, and several other organisations. As a result, I AM LDN was nominated for the Social Value Awards 2017 in three out of four categories.

I AM LDN has established Mauria’s standing as a credible and dynamic young leader. She is the only youth social enterprise leader on the Ad Hoc Council, a European Business Relations Council. As a member of the council, Mauria has advised EU governments and multinational businesses on important issues pertaining to young people. Furthermore, as I AM LDN grows from strength to strength, Mauria hopes to be a positive influence in society. By empowering young people to pursue jobs that “feed their souls,” Mauria aims to bring about a generation of happier people.

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