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Where Are They Now?

Lewis Iwu
Former Rare Rising Star, Lewis Iwu, shares his experience of being part of Slaughter and May’s BAME Network.

I was fortunate enough to be a Rare rising star in 2009, the inaugural year of the award. I was educated at a state school in the East End of London and then studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford, where I served as President of New College JCR. I was subsequently elected President of the Oxford University Student Union in 2007. It was a role I relished and I was heavily involved in trying to redress the underrepresentation of certain minority groups at the University amongst other things.

I’m currently working as a trainee lawyer at Slaughter and May, a firm that provides high end legal services to some of the largest companies and organisations in the world. The work and the client base means that I am constantly being challenged and that’s why it’s really rewarding. The firm’s BAME CRED committee was set up in 2009 and the Network is part of the firm’s commitment to the values of diversity, inclusivity and equality, aimed at recognising the racial and ethnic plurality at Slaughter and May.

The Network’s committee regularly organises events of various kinds, such as the recent panel discussion on diversity in the city. Importantly, they are open to every person in the firm. I really do believe in the importance of role models, especially in minority communities. There is nothing more potent or more powerful than seeing real people with extraordinary achievements shattering glass ceilings and, in the process, inspiring young people from Mosside to Mile end.

The Stars have proven that if you are good enough at something then nothing can stop you.