RARE  RISINGSTARS 2013 The UK’s Top 10 Black Students
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No. 5


Uchechukwu Ukachi

MEng Engineering, Economics and Management
University of Oxford
Academics and Student Politics
George Mpanga

Uche moved to the UK from Nigeria in 2005 and was inserted straight into Year 11 with only six months to prepare for his GCSE exams. After this challenging introduction to the British education system, Uche has never looked back, but has continued to excel academically and as a leader amongst his peers and in his community.

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. On the way, you will need and learn from other people (friends and foes alike) but boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.”

After attaining an impressive haul of five As during his A level exams, Uche took a foundational engineering degree at the University of Aston and gained a place at the University of Oxford to read Engineering, Economics and Management. In 2010, Uche was named Aston University’s Best Student for work undertaken with electric power generation and has since been the recipient of a raft of scholarships and academic prizes including the Rare Accelerate scholarship, Casberd scholarship for gaining a 1st in first year exams and the BP enhanced bursary 2010‑14.

Uche was first elected to the St John’s Junior Common Room Committee as JCR Discounts Officer, where he was able to make significant savings for students in local shops. During his second year at Oxford, Uche beat three other students to secure the elected position of St John’s JCR President, a mammoth task, which includes representing the undergraduate student body in college meetings, organising college events and leading student campaigns. Uche says that his greatest accomplishments are his ability to connect with people, raising awareness of mental health issues amongst his peers and increasing the temperature in student rooms by 3oc!

“Uche undertook the job of JCR Presidency with unparalleled enthusiasm, bringing him the admiration of fellows and students alike.”
Francis Goodburn, Former Rare Rising Star

Uche has also successfully transferred his leadership skills onto the football field as coach of the St John’s women’s football team, who were promoted in their inaugural season and are looking set to continue their steady progress through the JCR football divisions.

This summer Uche will undertake an internship with Deutsche Bank and will spend five weeks in Australia, where he will act as an ambassador for St John’s College and research potential opportunities for future study in low carbon energy.

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