RARE  RISINGSTARS 2012 The UK’s Top 10 Black Students
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No. 10


Rosina St James

London School of Economics and Political Science
BSc Social Policy with Government
Student politics
Rosina St James

R is for Rosina and for rehabilitation � a topic that this Star is very passionate about.

For the past few years, the 21-year-old LSE African and Caribbean Society President has spent much of her spare time mentoring young Londoners, including a prison inmate currently serving a six year sentence. Rosina telephones her mentee once a week and is one of only a handful of people who visits him regularly.

�I am determined to use my freedom to prevent others losing theirs over and over again.�

Rosina is the current Vice Chair of the British Youth Council, overseeing the needs of over 200 member organisations including Unicef UK, The Prince�s Trust and all the regional Youth Councils across the country. Her passion for politics has earned her an appearance on BBC Breakfast, where she was invited to discuss the findings of a report compiled in partnership with the Department for Health on the visibility of nurses in schools.

2012 has also seen Rosina participate in a BBC Radio 4 debate alongside former Conservative Cabinet Minister Ann Widdecombe, where she discussed the barriers faced by women pursuing careers in politics. In May 2012, Rosina travelled to Mexico to act as a UK representative at Y20, the youth equivalent of the G20 summit.

�I always ask myself: how can I apply what I�m learning? How can I use it to make a difference?�

As co-founder of social enterprise The Inner Attitude, Rosina has worked to build the self confidence of dozens of young women in inner city London since 2007. Believing that her mentoring and extracurricular political pursuits have enhanced her studies, Rosina wants to inspire other students to make the changes they want to see now.

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