RARE  RISINGSTARS 2012 The UK’s Top 10 Black Students
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No. 8


Idris Bello

University of Oxford
MSc Global Health Science
Social enterprise
Idris Bello

Idris Bello is in the business of innovation. He calls himself an �afropreneur: an entrepreneur with a focus on Africa�, and although his ambition and academic excellence have taken him all over the world, he refuses to forget where he came from.

Idris is currently Director of the Wennovation Hub, a startup accelerator which has helped over 60 of Nigeria�s brightest amateur entrepreneurs develop their ideas into viable businesses. He is also Founder and Chief Strategy Officer for AfyaZima Africa Ltd, a service delivering low-cost health technologies to developing countries, and was previously Secretary to the Board of Directors of Mumineen Foundation Inc., a not-for-profit organisation catering to the development and leadership needs of African-American and African immigrant youths in Houston.

�It�s about taking ownership of our countries� problems and being unafraid of daring solutions.�

Most recently, Idris attended the 2012 Clinton Global Initiative University where, aside from meeting the former President, he debated with other up-and-coming global leaders to discuss some of the world�s most pressing challenges. He also hosted the 2012 Oxford University Pan-Africa Conference for over 300 students, political leaders, economists and activists from more than 50 different nations to share ideas on the future of Africa.

�Entrepreneurship and creativity are a powerful combination and I want to show the world that Africa can be a catalyst for great ideas.�

Idris�s contributions to development in Africa have earned him an astounding array of accolades. The Huffington Post named him �Greatest Person of the Day� in 2011 and he is a 2012 recipient of the Dell Global Innovation Ambassador prize. In March of this year, CNN named him one of the Top Ten African Technology Voices.

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