RARE  RISINGSTARS 2010 The UK’s Top 10 Black Students
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Rachel Kerr opens the ceremony

Rachel Kerr opens the ceremony

Since its inception a year ago, Rare Rising Stars has established itself as somewhat of an institution. The hunt for the Stars of 2010 saw a large number of nominations for an impressive variety of achievements brought to our attention – from £300,000 turnover businesses to charity work in Africa, from prestigious scholarship awards to fashion websites, we encountered remarkable black students with remarkable stories and deeply enjoyed hearing each one.

From hundreds of potential candidates, a longlist of 50 was produced. This was then whittled down to 25.

Profiles of the shortlisted nominees were sent to judges Trevor Phillips and Jean Tomlin, who scored each of them on five categories: depth of achievement, breadth of achievement, contribution to community or society, resilience and determination, and initiative and leadership.

A top ten emerged and was revealed in an awards ceremony at the House of Commons on Tuesday 21st September 2010. We are thrilled to showcase this year’s Rare Rising Stars here.