RARE  RISINGSTARS 2010 The UK’s Top 10 Black Students
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No. 6


Nabil Abdulrashid

St Mary’s University College, Twickenham
BA Drama & Applied Theatre
Creative arts
Nabil Abdulrashid
"It would be a waste of my ability if I didnít talk about serious topics."

Nabil Abdulrashid believes that comedy can change the world.

Earlier this year he became the youngest comic to perform in ITV4's Stand Up Comedy Heroes and his performances have been used in schools in Holland to educate students on racism, Islamophobia and fascism, and how to combat them.

RRS2011: Replayed - 6th placed Star, Nabil Abdulrashid, recounts how he got into stand up and how his upbringing in the UK and northern Nigeria informed his type of comedy that challenges and celebrates our similarities and differences.

Nabil is also the youngest black male to perform stand up comedy at the Hammersmith Apollo and was handpicked by celebrated comics Omid Djalili and David Baddiel to perform at the 2010 premiere of the film Infidel.

As a young black Muslim, Nabil feels a heightened responsibility to address controversial issues such as race and religion through his work, and is unafraid of using comedy as a vehicle to do so.

The ADHD sufferer delivers a comedy workshop at schools across London with the hope of encouraging children to use comedy as an alternative form of expression.

From November 2011, he will take his Asia vs. Africa Comedy Clash show to ten cities around the UK and, in May 2012, will spend two weeks using theatre to educate children in Malawi on HIV.

"In my opinion, comedy is the last real art form. You can't auto-tune humour... You're either funny, or youíre not, and if you are then you must use that talent to educate and uplift."