RARE  RISINGSTARS 2010 The UK’s Top 10 Black Students
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About Rare Rising Stars

At Rare, we are privileged to meet extraordinary students on an almost day-to-day basis. Knowing that there are always more high achievers to be discovered, a nationwide search for the brightest black students led us to some tremendous talents.

Rare Rising Stars showcases the incredible achievements of the best black students in the UK, as judged by Rt. Hon. David Lammy MP, Trevor Phillips, Chair of the Commission for Equality and Human Rights, and Jean Tomlin, HR Director for London 2012. Several of the Stars were not previously known to Rare because they were too busy being their own bosses, but we have been privileged to share their stories with you.

Rare Rising Stars is not only a celebratory piece of research, but an inspirational read for students and employers alike. It reminds us all that remarkable talent among black students is out there, and we at Rare know where to find it.