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News: November 2016
Inclusivity in the Civil Service Fast Stream

The Civil Service Fast Stream’s latest diversity brochure features three Rare candidates. The candidates, current and former, talk about their experience of the Fast Stream and its related internships.

“I enjoyed my time shadowing a Fast Streamer in the Communications Stream at the Ministry of Defence, and it was rewarding to see that my opinions and contributions during this internship were valued. I was asked for my input and ideas on projects to do with advertising, and with the department’s media platforms.”
Emike Ahmed, a Rare candidate studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics.

The longstanding relationship that Rare has had with the Fast Stream has seen 238 candidates from diverse backgrounds placed since 2007. The partnership ultimately aims to improve diversity in the Senior Civil Service, and its impact is being seen; a number of Rare candidates, including Ailsa Harris, Sasha Salmon and Qiraat Cunningham, have reached Grade 7 and above.

The Civil Service aspires to be the most inclusive employer in the UK, and our candidates can attest to that.

“I was pleasantly surprised by the level of diversity within the Civil Service. Working in the Fast Stream team, I had the opportunity to meet and work with civil servants and Fast Streamers from across different departments – they came from various backgrounds and all walks of life, which was great to see. There is definitely a real commitment to the idea that diversity is a good thing – different experiences bring different ideas and perspectives.” Jane Macpherson, former Rare candidate and History graduate.

Our candidates have had access to exclusive insight events, support with their applications, and award-winning coaching through the partnership that the Civil Service has with Rare.

“Rare brought a lot of insight and awareness around positive action coaching with diverse groups, shaping a really strong programme to bring in fresh and diverse talent to the Civil Service.” Phil Wilson, Chief Psychologist and Chief Assessor, Civil Service Fast Stream.

Official Civil Service Diversity Brochure 2017 (pdf)

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