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News: July 2016
Award-winning migrant is the UK's best black student

On Thursday 14th July, the UK’s top ten black students were announced at the Palace of Westminster. Attendees included Rt Hon David Lammy MP and Jean Tomlin OBE.

Now in its eighth year, Rare Rising Stars is a celebration of the achievements of the UK’s best black students.

This year’s Rare Rising Stars focuses on migration and immigration, a topic which has dominated public discourse in recent times. This edition tells the stories of the stars, of their families, and of their achievements. It celebrates the contributions that they have had not just to the United Kingdom, but to the world.

The stars include the founder of an international NGO, the cofounder of a £1m business, a youth politician come UK chart musician, a founder of a campaign that has changed national policy, and the founder of the student-led think tank, Polygeia.

Raph Mokades, Managing Director of Rare, said: “Every year, I am stunned by the quality of the Stars. Every year, I am inspired. Often facing unfavourable circumstances, our Stars have achieved remarkable things, and they deserve to be recognised.”

The winner of this year’s first place was Ndakuna Fonso Amidou, an immigrant who has won awards and scholarships to some of the best companies and institutions in the UK, all whilst founding a healthcare clinic in Cameroon. His clinic now treats over 100 patients a day, and provides affordable healthcare to some of his country’s poorest people.

Tanisha, the Editor of this year’s publication, said: “This is a year in which migration has taken centre stage in the media and in public conscience, often as a point raised in relation to debates around our own policies on immigration. It seemed appropriate, therefore, that this year’s Rare Rising Stars would be set in the context of (im)migration; an issue that has affected each of our Stars, however indirectly.

I believe we can all learn something from their stories and not only their achievements, but from the backdrop to those achievements. We are shining a light on exceptional people and allowing everyone to recognise their excellence.”

The judging panel includes Adrian Joseph, the Director of Client Services, Google Analytics, EMEA, Rt Hon David Lammy MP, Jean Tomlin OBE, Trevor Phillips OBE, and Tom Chigbo. Attendees included senior business leaders from Rare’s clients, and Rare Rising Stars Sponsors, Barclays, GCHQ, Thomson Reuters and Slaughter and May. 

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