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Candidate Testimonials

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Rare has been an important source of support. The value of Rare comes not just through their ability to connect you with important people in the legal profession, but also through their efforts to bring out the best of your ability through regular one-on-one coaching and group sessions.

I joined Rare in 2012 after hearing about them from a friend. I then applied for the Articles programme, where I got the opportunity to visit Magic Circle law firms and speak with lawyers of all kinds of experience and background. I was inspired by this experience and it provided me with clear motivation to research the career path of a commercial solicitor.

The most helpful and most difficult part of the programme was engaging in One-on-One sessions with Elham Saudi, a former lawyer from Slaughter and May. These sessions took on a rigour and intensity that I had never experienced before and it was not long before I noticed improvements in my performance. You had to develop an ability to process information and give counter-arguments quickly as everything you said would be challenged.

After all has been said, Rare has left me feeling much more capable than I was before I started the programme. I don’t just feel as though I am better at passing application processes; I feel as though I have honed the critical and analytical skills needed for success generally.

David gained a training contract at Allen and Overy

David Odejayi, Law, University of Oxford

Rare gave me a mock interview before my BCG final round interview which was invaluable. I received an offer and will start with BCG in September. Having since worked with Rare as an employee, it is a privilege to be surrounded by a group of smart, down-to-earth, and kind people. Rare has an unmatchable knowledge of the top graduate positions on the market, and any student would be foolish to pass up upon becoming part of the Rare network.

Daniel Silvertown, Law, University College London

Daniel gained a place on the graduate programme at BCG

The support and resources I received from Rare were really useful. They guided me through every stage from the initial application form to the assessment centre. I definitely would not have gone that far without their help.

Before securing his place at L’Oréal, Ndu attended Rare’s Additions programme. The programme helps candidates practice the maths relevant for numerical tests.

Ndu Uchea, Biomedical Materials Science, University of Manchester

Ndu gained a place of the Management Training Scheme at L’Oréal

The best thing about applying through Rare was the consistent support throughout the whole process and the quality feedback to help with perfecting interview skills.

Mayowa Olusanya, Civil Engineering, University of Warwick

Mayowa got a place on the Goldman Sachs internship

I think hearing previous experiences from the assessment really helped me. I felt that as I had a small insight into what to expect I went in more confident. I can’t think of anything else you could have done. The interview questions and the tasks are so difficult to predict you will never be fully prepared!

Anita Beveridge, History with Contemporary Chinese Studies joint BA Hons, University of Nottingham

Anita got onto the Fellowship programme at WPP

Rare’s advice really helped re-assure me that I was right for the role. Dan’s advice on being authentic and his ability to generate positive energy had a good impact for my final interview.

Jhanzeb Choudhary, Management with Strategy & Leadership, Imperial

Jhanzeb gained a place of the Management Training Scheme at L’Oréal

I had been worried about my ability to just generate ‘innovative’ ideas, and the chat with Dan was really useful and reassuring. Thinking about things from the point of view of different stakeholders and different scales and angles was very useful. Also, having to deliver a mini presentation was actually great practice for the real thing, and completely took away any nerves I might have had about the novelty of it, as was practicing thinking about the kind of constraints that might come up in the questions.

Nupur Takwale, Philosophy, Politics and Economics, University of Oxford

Nupur gained a place on the Civil Service Fast Stream programme

Rare’s guidance was essential in helping me secure the training contract I wanted. In particular, the mock interviews I had with Dan and Melissa provided a space to ask questions and develop the frameworks to best answer case study questions.

Samir Manek, Law, University of Warwick

Samir gained a training contract at Allen and Overy

My interviewer, Mica was brilliant at giving constructive feedback on all of my responses throughout the mock.

She highlighted the strengths and weaknesses in my answers, which helped make it clear to me exactly which things to avoid and what to do more of in the real interview.

It was extremely useful to get an evaluation of my overall performance, not just what I was saying but also how I was saying it - my tone, articulation, mannerisms (and awkward silences and ‘ums’ that I was unaware of).

I was given some great tips and exercises to do to improve and prepare myself. Mica suggested various other skills and competences for me to match with real situations which enabled me to develop a wider variety of examples to present in the real interview.

Mica’s questions helped to steer my responses in the right direction to elaborate on the competency being explored, leaving me well prepared to answer the follow-on questions asked in the real interview.

The mock interview was a much needed confidence booster and I am so grateful for Rare’s support throughout!

Fauzia Amao, MEng Civil and Structural Engineering, University of Leeds

Fauzia gained an internship with the Civil Service

Rare have been an enormous help to me. Being the first of my immediate family to attend university, and also lacking familiarity with and proximity to the corporate world, I initially found the training contract application process intimidating and obscure. The Rare team took time out to help me identify the strengths in my application, and the areas that needed work. They got to know me on a personal level and provided one-to-one interview guidance. This made a huge, tangible difference to my level of confidence and ‘commercial awareness’. With their help, I secured a training contract at my top choice of firm. It is great to see that Rare are gaining increasing recognition for their work in the legal press, and I would urge other students to join the Rare network.

Marcus Tomlinson, English, University of York

Marcus gained a training contract with Hogan Lovells

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