The Rare Model

We make the candidate better, not the process easier.

We help brilliant people fulfil their promise through our one on one career guidance and multi award-winning longitudinal development programmes.

With Rare, you choose which applications to make to which clients. You always apply in the same way as any other candidate: the same application form, sit the same numerical and verbal tests, and do the same interviews and assessment centres. There are no “fast tracks” and no back doors – you get the job on merit.

Rare’s standards are high; we’re elite – we look for outstanding people – but not elitist - we have people from over 100 universities on our books. We have no minimum grade requirements – we look at every application to Rare in its full social, educational and personal context.

And what we do works. In the law, for instance, Rare trainees have a 100% retention rate by their firms on qualification.

What Sets Us Apart?
Our society is deeply unequal. We work to change this in three ways:
  • We investigate the issue. Our research is ground-breaking, relevant and leads to real change. It has been featured in government reports, in the FT, and on Sky News. We have presented our findings to CEOs, Executive Partners, senior academics and MPs.
  • We improve the process which organisations use to recruit candidates. Our unique Contextual Recruitment System software helps employers to see potential not polish.
  • We develop you. Our multi-award winning, one-to-one coaching and our investment in our candidates is unparalleled.

Rare candidates go through the same process as everyone else, so when you get hired you know it’s on pure merit.
Our service is 100% free to you.

Unconscious bias training

Apply online. We’ll assess your application and if we think we can help then we’ll invite you to join Rare.

We’ll call you to arrange an initial meeting where we can examine some career possibilities.

We’ll help you apply for suitable positions.

We’ll give you completely free, one-to-one personal development sessions, with experts including a qualified Executive Coach, in everything from numeracy tests to CVs and application forms; from interviews to group tasks and assessment centres. On average, candidates rate the support they get from Rare at 4.82 out of 5 on a scale where 3 is satisfactory, 4 is good, and 5 is excellent.

You’ll receive an exclusive quarterly newsletter with information on market trends and early notice on exclusive Rare client events.

Note: Please apply to us before you apply to any of our clients. If you try and join Rare after you have applied to one of our clients then we might not be able to help you.

Unconscious bias training

Can I join Rare if I'm with Aspiring Solicitors/Powerful Media/SEO/Windsor Fellowship or similar?
Yes. There are a number of organisations active in this area. They differ in their approach and what they offer. You can be a Rare candidate and a member of the above organisations, or any similar one.

If I get rejected by Rare, can I apply again?
Yes. People get rejected for a number of reasons. Sometimes it's because we don't have opportunities to suit a candidate, sometimes it's because candidates need more development (i.e. more work experience). We add clients all the time. If something in your application has changed, or we have a new opportunity, we encourage you to apply again.

I'm in my first year; what can you do for me?
If you're in your first year, we provide expert career advice and introduce you to some of the best companies in the world. We run Rare Foundations programmes in banking, consulting, and law, hosted by our clients, that are specifically for first years. And we run a number of scholarship programmes for first years.

I'm an international student, can you help me?
Yes. Some of our clients ask for EU applicants and some are open to international students. Apply online and we'll inform you of the opportunities available to you.

I'm a Masters student. Can you help me?
Yes. We help undergraduate and postgraduate students.

How do I know if my grades are good enough?
We have no minimum grade requirements – we look at every application to Rare in its full social, educational and personal context. We’re elite – we look for outstanding people – but not elitist - we have people from over 100 universities on our books.

Can I work for Rare?
Maybe! Most of our staff originally came to Rare as candidates. We're pretty picky about who we choose to join our team, but if you're interested in working for Rare, check out the 'Work for Rare' section of the site.

Is your service only for ethnic minority candidates?
No. We help everybody, and specialise in helping ethnic minority candidates. We also place a particular emphasis on helping people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Unconscious bias training
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February 2017
Boston Consulting Group is the First Strategy Firm to trial the CRS

The Boston Consulting Group has become the first strategy consulting firm to trial the Contextual Recruitment System.  The global management consulting firm will be using the System for their summer associate recruitment round.
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